Fatigue has been accrued.

First time in ages, I fell asleep last night with an air conditioner working. Even after the submission of my graduation paper, I have been studying for my next goals: IELTS for study abroad and jobhunting. Thus, I didn’t have any pastime for relaxation or reward for my achievement. This fool dedication may boil down to my perception that I don’t pour more energy into mine compared to others. That is to say, I believe that the extension of studying time will cover the lack of intensity of it. However, as anyone can notice, those who have succeeded combine the two elements at all times, resulting in a wider gap between me and them. For example, a businessman in a famous consulting company expend almost all his time on jobhunting when he was a junior in university, which enabled him to get accepted by numerous corporations. Even in my case, when I was committed to TOEIC for 6month, I didn’t consume my free time by pouring my time into other activities such as my favorite one, Marathon. To get the last laugh, It seems that studying English and jobhunting is an either-or.

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