9th. Mar. 2023 ~The more actions, The more miracles~

I learned the more actions I take, the more miracles happen today.

In the morning, I ran with a friend from Indonesia as we promised last week. The session was very slow jog but I could run with someone without relying on any community, which is my progress.

After the jogging, he told me about a event he planed to join today, which was the one I also did, leading our excitment!

Without my actions, I won’t be able to acknowledge such facts as miracles, so the number of percieved miracles hinge on my assertiveness. In fact, while talking with him, he also had the same worries about socializing and English, which reassured me deep in mind..

Moreover, in the event I joined with him, I could find new friends who is a girl and she is also a student for master’s degree in Business! I will try to keep positive toward anything happening to me, which I believe that I can experience miracles more.

I noticed that when I talk to introverts, I feel easy to hit it off because I can be in the driver’s sheat in conversation, where I can manege context in my own way.

I wanna communicate with active people more, but it may be essential to play to my strength to obtain my confidence, making my difference in the future.

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