7. Mar. 2023 ~Time scheduling~

When people are in time schedules, they can move quickly. Actually, I’ve completed my assignment for this Friday in this morning. This is because I knew I have a lot of works this week. I need to deal with one by one. When I work on tasks, I am likely to assign each one to time slots that I am free.

If one of my free-time slot is 1 hour, I will tackle one that I can finish within one hour, like workouts in my room, which make my days fullfilled as long as I stick to this rule. When I feel tired, lots of distractions hinder me from concentrating on anything. I just waste by browsing Japanese Youtube videos or my own contents.

In addition, I know myself to maximize my task scheduling. For instance, I feel exhausted, I put boring and simple tasks in my time slots because I can’t contemplate during that time actually. However, it works only when my works is individual ones. In business, there are heaps of group jobs, which doesn’t permit me to make schedules on my own way. Thus, through group works in this University, I wanna find new strategies to play my cards right.

I dislike uncertainty, that’s why I tend to ask people about what I don’t know. The accumulation of uncertainty. Even today, when I talk to staffs in Nucleous about opal card, their answer like I can’t get the specific card let me feel safe. Dispite disappointing news, the removal of uncertainty make me positives. In this light, I can accept negative facts and find new approach to optimize my overall performance in any circumstance.

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