27. Feb. 2023 ~Listening is the key for me to absorb a lot of things~

I believe that people can learn a lot from discussion or conversation. Althogh I came to Sydney to absorb a lot of things that are not in Japan. It is partly true that I learn from experiences that I cannot verbalize, but I feel stressed that I cannot keep up with conversation regardless of classes and small talk. I will get the sense of achievement if I can properly response to others’ opinions. I can at least express my self in speaking and writing, but when it comes to listening, there is a big gap between me and others.

I am likely to keep conversation by interpreting and replying to others, which encourage people to pigeonholes me as a good listener. However, I cannot rely on this strategy so far due to my Eglish inferior to standard level to enjoy conversation with others.

Thus, instead of disappointing myself, I should think that I can identify my bottleneck to solve. With intensive listening training, I willl get more confidence from the increasing number of satisfactory moments in my daily life.

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