19. Feb. 2023 ~Open space is a good environment to diverse my community~

Thanks to to-do list, I have worked on each task, shopping, washing, reading for tutrials and so on smoothly.

To put myself on my toes, in the afternoon, I stayed at the open lounge of my dorm, where I was working on assignments. With other people’s presence, I could concentrate on reading, permitting me to avoid staying up to late today.

Furthermore, a student talked to me to use a vacuum cleaner. Since I had an experience to use it before, I guided him, which satisfied him and I got his gratitude.

Even in another situation, when I eat something on dining, I often meet my roommate and have a small talk. I learned being frugal is one of hobbies that people can share as a sense of value there. Now that I think about it, frugal people are significantly committed to cutting back on their expenditure. Who can object against this fact?

Actually, I have to seek oppotunities to socialize with people on my own, otherwise nobody helps me, which will make me down in the dumps.

As a adult and a prospective business person, such efforts should not be ignored. The accumulation of these small steps will, I believe, make a difference even right after this studying abroad in Sydney.

So, as the first step, I will be at open space from tomorrow to meet as many people as possible!

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