7.Feb. 2023 ~Following waves~

In the morning, it turns out that I have lost one bag containing a amulet from my girl friend. I got so sad though it is what it is. At the end of the day, it took about 30mins that I stop searching for it inside my room, I guess it was dropped on the way. I am likely to feel responsible for what I get from people regardless of girlfriend or others, which made my sadness huge.

I also went to center of Sydney to exchange currency JPY to AUD, where a Japanese staff treated me. It was so helpful and nice. I could save money and scratch the surface about the system of currency exchange.

Quick back to campus, I joined an event for friend making, where I exchanged Instagram with 3 students. I and one of them went around the fair and talked about several topics relating cultures and hobbies we prefer.

Since I felt lonly until yesterday, I could percieve my little growth this time. The deep-dive into that I was awkward with a Australian girl is like this. I couldn’t find any best topic to make conversation cracking. Cracking small talk happens only when we get sympacy with other talkers. To get it, I need to show myself at first. In terms of it, well done, ME!! However, as well as it, I should have hear about herself because sympacy happens when my and her interest have matched.

Thus, for a next progress, I should ask questions about more personal ones and follow their answers, and I will feel better.

At night, I went to Comedy show by myself, where I met a young researcher studying in the same uni. It was a honor for me to share my experiences with him. Share with each other is the best way to form sympacy between us before our friendship is established.

but I couldn’t understand anymore. So, English listening skill will become a top theme for me to concentrate on.


When I feel tricky that I connect with other students properly, Joining to events held for new comers is perfect. Like speed friending ones or comedy ones.



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