2. Jan. 2023 ~Students don’t get a life~

I read “D2C future of brand” at midnight because I was with family menbers and cosins and a nephew throughout the day, which hindered me from devoted to assignments, reading a thesis and so on. Moreover, I sat back and relaxed unintentionally. it comes from my slacking off for few weeks since the end of 2022. I should turn over new leaf as soon as possible, or I criticize myself more often, which will harm my mental health.

As well as running and workout with weights, I need to be honest to myself while studying. At least, I read A paper and one book today where I have lerned how to make a distinction between retro branding and brand revitalization and servicescape, the most facinating topic word in my research Q, is only one component for wonderful CX.

Although I ,to some degree, kick myself due to no salary and tons of expence on my path as a student, there are so multiple oppotunities for me to share my opinions academically and listeners accept my voice.

In terms of non-salary, I am black sheep in my family, but I wanna bring a lot to the table with knowledge and experience in graduate school as a marketing student.


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