12. Jan. 2023 ~Peaple withering me~

I attended the first class in 2023, where a few people were present. This atmosphere motivated me to speak out my opinion despite my best friend in this graduate school.

Let’s think about it.

Since I am likely to get hasitate to show my fool answer to some Japanese people, I often get relectant to show my opinons. This is becasue I accept they can voice more logically and sound intellectual, which overwelms me evry time.

Furthermore, It is rare that my answer get praised like my best friend who always answer and raise his opinon and persuade ohters to believe him.

It partially comes from how to speak for listeners, I think. Thus, I have to dig deep to improve my presentation skill and discussion one to make more persuading comment for classes by myself. By doing so, I will be able to accept my self and boost my own confidence, which make it in job hanting and thesis writing down the road.

Considering my charactristic, studing abroad, keeping distance with those who I get dismotivated,  may be timely strategy right?

Anyway, after classes, I went to a library where I read a booklet of business review, which facinated me. This is because I thoght the concept of “design” will solve the problem shareed with me and my best friend. The problem is centered on discussion down to station after class every time.

“Interesting concept are really generated from costomers’ idea/”

The conclusion for today is “No”, by combining Desiners’ persistence is of importance. I will discuss about it next time I meet him.


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