23. Jan. 2023 ~How to facilitate members in a group:suffering~

In the internship that I attended today, nobody is involved in it.
I realized the difficulty to make members active. I look on this problem as my weak point which is rooms for improvement.

Without anyone attempting to lead discussion from an icebreak session, I scrape the bottom of the barrel for roles.

To make my contribution maximized, I should have an idea man, but like today, I cannot choose situation anytime. So, I attribute this mistake to my lack of experience as a facilitator.

I really look up to those who can motivate other members and lighten the mood.
Through studying abroad, I want to identify my style in a group, but as well as this, become a jack-of-all-trades. Then I can avoid such weird stress anytime.

What I need to ponder here is how to activate other members, because of their facial and voice expressions.

In the ice breaking session, I should have shared more information like hobbies, my purpose for the internship and what kind of business I am interested in, and had a smalltalk with them, which must change the atmosphere more comfy for everyone.

Thus, Next time, in case that anyone is not active, I will secure more time for ice breaking and team building.

Furthermore, although I tried to allocate idea production to everyone which I think one of tasks by facilitators, I couldn’t catalyze the discussion and provoke interesting ideas. This comes from my absence of ideas. I have to suggest new ideas at first, which should be interesting. Thus, I have to pay attention to gathering information. Becoming witty entity should myself more likely confident to others. Everyone will rely on me. And I will be able to successfully facilitate mitty discussion. So, knowledge-based improvement is vital for me to become a smart businessperson as a foundation.




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