21. Jan. 2023 ~Passion elicits Curiousity~

I went to a traditional Sakegura museum in this morning with international students as a short events to learn Japanese culture. Althogh I am a Japanese, the mecanism how sake is produced from rice hadn’t remained inside of my head.

Maybe, I have experience to overlook these in some videos in my lifetime, but my indifference toward sake culture had hindered from getting involved into sake, because I just scraped the bottom of  the barrel, right?

However, the degree of tempreture and what we eat as meals change the taste of sake where fungus is working to produse Umami that is sperior to sour in warm condition. Europe people suferr from percieve Umami comparing to Asians, so there are differences how to promote sake to consumers between both group, which stimulated my intellectual curiousity.

The role of fungus is also interesting to make sake delicious and tasty. And, one woman’s student ask a chemistrical Q’s relating to fungus which was also alloed me to acculate knowledge about sake, it was a little bit complexing thogh haha

The staff in the museum was an enthusiast in sake, who is eager to disperse the positive side of sake toward variety of demography from young generation to out bound travelers. His style to explain any procedure spoke itself, which increased our involvement into sake. I have realized the importance of roles by providers on customers’ learning. It was value co-creation. those who offer to customers facilitaters for outputs (value)


To sum up, commnunication with different group give us oppotunities to gain new insights sometimes ranging from uttely unknown things to once indifferent things. So, while studying abroad, joining many communities is the vary key for my growth, I guess.    Hitting up with various people, my language capability needed a bit of work before leaving Japan. Yes, getting happy toward my future!


I am looking forward to hanging out with my gold friends from now on!

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