24. Feb. 2023 ~Mentaly isolated~

I joined two events in a dance society, but they didn’t satisfied with me to be honest because I felt isolatation from community.
Since I don’t have any advantage with them, I didn’t talk to them derived from my lack of confidence.

When I feel inferior to others, I am likely to hesitate to communicate regardless of the characters of people.

Actually dance lessons in Sydney is cruel because I am left unless I raise my hand and speak up. Since I feel stressed as a non-native English speaker to do so, I tend to be left in lessons. Thus when I cannot enjoy with others together, I got isolated, leading to unsatisifaction of lessons.

Even if someone cannot dance well, thay enjoyed the lessons because they communicate with others, which is the difference between me and them interms of QoL.

To fill the gap, what I should do is to ask them friendly and keep sharing my self to them. For this, I need several my strength they admire for me.
As a rule of thumb, running is insufficient becuase maybe they cannot imagine the enjoyment of running as me. So practice more and I should get closer to them! Moreover, I need to deepen the conversation as well. Due to my dearth of capacity to listen to English, I often fail to continue conversation with people, which makes such small talk awkward, resulting in pigeonhole me as a vanila person. So, More listen More respond!


There above strategies will save my bacon and I no longer feel lonly.

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