22. Feb. 2023 ~My streagth~

In the morning, I contacted to an insurance company, a sim company and Accomodation staffs because I at last get my new phone number. These was asking my phone number for a while as a confidential information, so I am released by such pressures.

Whenever I am confused, I tend to ask questions to elucidate. Althogh there are some rooms for improvement, thanks to this charactristic, I can evade stresses caused by heap of queries. In fact, I confronted the errer of data entry in the insurance business, which drove me to have a call to dissolve the problem early. At the end, I am done with the kind guide from a staff, which fulfilled my psychological Mag.

Especially in English, I often fail to get my story straight while asking due to my deficiency of preparation for asking, which is a potential for my growth as a person. Straightforward questions attact people , leading to the establishment of rapport because intellectual conversation occers as a result of it. Thus, as well as quantity of asking, quality of that is the essential part for me to work on from tomorrow. However, it doesn’t mean that the number of my questions shurinks. Althogh the toughness of the preparation may increase, the quantity should be kept, which contributes to my growth.

Actually, even in a tutorial class, I asked others or a lecturer about the points that I was not sure, resulting in the good icebreaking opportunities as well as the resolutions. I hit the ground running so far.

To sum up, I am proud of myself in terms of my tendency to ask peers despite a Japanese. Given that I was not able to do so before, I have come a long way.
Furthermore, as I mentioned few days ago, persistence is the second my strong poite, which play a critical role for negotiation and hard tasks.

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