10th Apr 2023 ~Done~

I have finished the hardest assignment from the perspective of mental.

Althogh I was struggling with communication with chinese students because of languages and the difference of way of thinking, I will be able to help such people if I find in the future. Since I felt stressed due to oppressive atmosphere after I took actions in the team, I should keep atmosphere more generous and friendly for them. So they can avoid losing their confidence and keep their motivation high.

Anyway, due to this hard task, I thoght I can go to run today, but I went and enjoyed a lot actually. While running, I succeeded in feeling the limit of my lungs yes VO2MAX. When I came to the limit, I make a change from negative thinking to positive one, keep my running form up to finish line.

Running for fun depends on individuals. I like working on hard workout with others even if I lose because I can share excitment with them during and after workouts. In fact I made a friend running with me today, who have an interest for a marathon I considered. It looks awesome for me. Hardworkouts provided me with a miracle oppotunity.

Today’s hard work reminded me of how enjoyable running fast.
I will join parkrun from this week and enjoy the hard works.

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